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Thread: Question about system menu versions & Ios wads

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    Question about system menu versions & Ios wads

    Hey guys .. I have done a lot of reading but have a few questions.

    It has been almost a year since I modded my wii using a chip. I do not use a soft mod or external hard drive. Recently I downloaded some new games and yes ... got the black screen. I understand my Ios requires updating. I think I have a handle on that, but do I have to update my system menu version? I am at 3.3u and as far as I know should keep it there. I have heard from people that my version should also be updated .. is that true??

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    When NSMB came out i ventured to the 4.1U Sys Menu... I have not had any problem's with USB loading since then...

    But you said that a year ago that you hard modded your wii. I dont know if that will make a difference when you go to update and softmod


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