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    Angry Bricked

    ok is there anyway of unbricking a wii , i have a nand backup on my pc which i was told i could take offf of my SD card, but not the bootmii files that make bootmii work, anyone else have em ??

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    could someone possibly send me the files to make bootmii load up ?

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    look in the bricked wii section, all the files you will need are there.

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    Would a nand from a wii that was running the same original firmware / region be able to be used on someone elses bricked wii ?? just thinking there must be afew owners who for whatver reason never backed up the nand. posible to share these all important files ??

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    First off, do you have bootmii installed as boot2? If not a nad backup isn't going to do you much good. If you have boot2 your disc light will flash twice quickly when you power on your wii. BTW, you should have posted this in the bricked section of the forum.

    If you have boot2 but not your origional nad backup this will help you out.


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