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Thread: D2Ckey NSMB problems/solution

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    D2Ckey NSMB problems/solution

    I have a 2nd gen Wii with a D2Ckey. I've followed several tutorials with no success. When loading from disc via NeoGamma, the screen goes completely Green for a second, then goes all black and my Wii locks up. Has anyone with a D2Ckey figured out how to load NSMB? Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem, will report back if I find anything!

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    Followed several tutorials to and always the same message Error: no dvd (n).

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    crap... i got almost done with the post, and accidently closed all the windows. stupid me.

    OK, a brief guide... I have a d2ckey. Updated WII to 4.2U and found out backed up games stopped working. Followed softmod guide on this site that's the sticky.

    Then, followed everything in this posting....

    Make sure you use the file named qf-nsmbw.rar. Make sure you burn the newly written ISO to disc and use neogamma to load from dvd.

    I did this and it seems like everything is working fine...

    good luck!

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    Thanks Wiz! Truly appreciate the help. Going to give it a try tomorrow.


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