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Thread: guitar hero/rockband song packs.. safe to download?

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    Lightbulb guitar hero/rockband song packs.. safe to download?

    hello. i followed the guide on this thread to make my softmodded wii compatible with wii usb devices, like the guitars and wii fit board. i will test it out using a backup of rockband, running from my usb hdd.
    assuming it works fine, my question is regarding song pack downloads. Is it "safe" to download tracks from the wiishop channel, even know my wii is modded? will/can anything bad happen? such as bricking...
    please let me know. i appreciate it. thanks!

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    It is safe to buy stuff from the wiishop if you're softmodded or you could download them for nothing from here GH5 Tracks

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    thank you so much!


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