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Thread: Wiikey Fusion

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    Wiikey Fusion

    Hi, new here and new to Wii Modding.

    So last night I followed the 4.2 soft mod guide and everything worked fine. Still trying to figure out how to load emulators....
    I have not tried to play one of my backups yet because it was late when I finished, but hopefully all is well.

    Now that I got that out of the way, down to my main question. I have been reading on mod chips, and the biggest complaint was the fact that they used the DVD drive, which caused issues. And the biggest pro for soft mod was usb/sd ios loading.
    Now, with this new WiiKey Fusion, and the ability to play IOS straight from a SDHC card, is it now safer, easier, and more full proof to go this method?

    If so, I think I would feel better going the WiiKey Fusion way since i have no issue opening up and soldering if needed.

    Thanks is advance and great site. Went from not knowing a thing about Wii modding to having my 4.2 Wii rocking the HBC and ready to play backups.

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    I had a bit of trouble and confusion at first too but softmods are actually easy if you pay close attention to the installation instructions.

    I updated my wii to 4.2 as soon as I got it out of the box. I then pre-ordered the wiikey fusion which I now regret because the softmods are much better especially when you can load from a USB External drive.

    There is no telling when the fusion will be available. At least the wode team gives updates on their site.

    The wiikey fusion would be a good option if you feel more comfortable going that route. You may also want to have a look at the wode which is far superior to the fusion. I am actually considering changing my order to the wode.

    Good luck with you modding and remember to play it safe. Nobody wants a $200.00 brick sitting around.

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    The fusion is 100% solderless, it is very easy and can load the iso from SDHC.
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