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Thread: USA Console with PAL Games from Internet

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    USA Console with PAL Games from Internet

    If someone had a NTSC Wii from the USA and they were downloading wii games via torrents but the games were PAL formatted. Could this person go ahead and play them on the NTSC USA Console?

    I was told Wii brick blocker would let this happen...Please let me know if I was informed correctly?

    Thank you

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    I have an NTSC wii and play PAL games on it without a problem to date....What I normally do is run the file thru Wiibrickblocker first, then after that I change the region code with a program called RegionFrii.....Have yet to have a problem like this, and play the games online safly also....

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    I do almost the same. I have a D2Pro 9 Wire. I download the PAL and then run BrickBlocker on it. Burn, play, enjoy, rinse and repeat!! Hell I think half of my games are PAL that I have on my NTSC USA WII.


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