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    Anyone know anything about this chip? It looks like a Drivekey clone. The website looks highly suspect. No distributor info and barely any contact info.


    Here's a distributor I found:
    AmazeKey- Wii Modchip *::*Modchip*::*Nintendo Wii*::*TechSick--ONLINE-STORE-BUY-MODCHIPS-BRISBANE-AUSTRALIA-::


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    It looks to me like a bad copy of a drivekey. Not updatable. I would suggest getting a chip that is in the least able to update.

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    That's what I kinda figured. I guess these are huge in Australia. I'm not a big fan of websites looking shady and trying to sell product. Their website obviously ripped off the design from the Drivekey site. Plus not having distributor info doesn't look too good either.

    Now that some vendors on this site have come out with the updated Drivekey, I'll probably pick that up.

    Thanks for the info, skeerup.

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    If the company came out with their own design and originality that would be one thing, but the way they are making themselves out to be I wouldn't support them.
    Its a blatant ripoff of the drivekey site, it made me laugh though as it seemed like a spoof site.
    Anyways apart from them being uber cheap, there is no real reason to get one of those. You're better off spending more and getting something a lot better with support.
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    Indeed. I'm glad I found a forum that backs up their list of distributors. This type of business is hard to find legit distributors. I've had issues with scams in the past. Always ended up getting my money back, but always resulted in zero product being shipped.

    Plus this strikes me as low quality, similar to the DSTT card. I bought 5 of these and 4 worked. 20% fail rate is insanely high. I'd never purchase those again.


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