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Thread: Wii Modchip Recommendation

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    Wii Modchip Recommendation


    While I new to understanding Wii Modchips I am not new to modcips at all. I started with my PS1 modchip back in the day. I am old skool I guess.

    Then question I have is is there a recommended modchip for the Wii? Is there a solderless or usbkey that works the best without having intrusive surgery on the unit?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Same boat here.

    I've been reading and looks like this new WiiKey Fusion may be the latest and greatest. It allows you to play your backups from a SDHC card and bypass the Wii's DVD drive, which seamed to be the biggest benifit for going softmodding for the USB loading.

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    I would recommend getting WODE. But the chip I have is a wiikey2. You can buy a solderless wiikey2 clip. I believe it just clips onto the board. As for that whole SDHC loading crap, its really stupid. If you think about everygame as 4.37gbs, that takes up alot of space. Not to mention the wii if very picky about SDHC. Some work some don't.

    You can also get a wasabi or a drivekey seeing how they are developing firmware for the new BCA protection that has came out. Wiikey hasn't announced if they are working on a firmware update to fix it, so you can pick another chip that has Anti BCA protection firmware being developed.
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    For me, the SDHC thing would work.

    I have a SD card that works on the Wii, and I could mostly store all my backups on my PC's harddrive, and when i wanted to play a came, copy it to the SD card, and play it. Sure it wont be "on-demand" per say, but it would not be that much of an issue.

    The WiiKey Fusion has a projected price of like $54 right now, the WODE is $104.
    The WODE does look like the best out there, but not sure if I want to spend that extra $50 for the amount of time I would be using it.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    I had been thinking I wanted to get something by Christmas but the sites I have checked do not have the Wasabi in stock. I have no problem paying $50 for a chip though I do think $100 is ridiculous.

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    Is there a recommendation of wasabidx or wasabi zero?

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    Drivekey has started shipping chips out with the new firmware to work with the BCA protection. Just make sure wherever you purchase from has them to ship.

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    Well In the end I just ordered a drivekey 2 with the nmsd.

    Thanks for your responses....let's just hope I can get this thing to work in the end without too much frustration.

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    Drivekey v2.0 is working out nicely so far, wiikey 2 will have its update soon as well, beta testing
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