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    Hello, following is my first post.

    I have a lightScribe enabled drive but can't print with Nero LightScribe. I always become the warning: "LightScribe disc information encoded in the middle of the disc could not be read". What do I wrong.

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    Things like this you can easily turn up an answer (as I did for you) by going to google and putting that exact error in the search.

    So what I turned up is that it's an issue with Nvidia IDE drivers. Best way to just get around this and not deal with uninstalls and rollback of drivers is just use a different program.

    I had issues with Nvidia's software too (don't remember what is was though) so I got SureThing CD Labeler Lightscribe.

    SureThing - cd label templates, cd label software, cd label maker, dvd software and more. With free cd labeler programs, cd labelling software, cd business cards and our cd label maker software

    Surely if you're modding you Wii you can find where to get this

    If you prefer to just fix the problem. Google it and it'll turn up a lot of answers from other forums with detailed trouble shooting.


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