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Thread: Programs that brick

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    Programs that brick

    Has anybody had any problems with any specific homebrew program or theme that has or is notorius for bricking your wii.
    It would be cool to compile a list of "known offenders" to avoid

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    Programs don't brick, people do, and usually by doing stupid things. It is not very easy to get low level access to the internal Wii NAND it is for this reason why bricks can be so fatal.

    Anything that messes around with the System Menu like silly themes should be avoided. Preloader, even though it messes with Sys Menu is an exception as it is brick protection.
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    do the themes for usb loader mess with the system menu or are they sd card loaded?

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    As tealc said bricks are usually due to user error (and themes.) You might benefit from heading over to the bricked forum and reading all the threads there. You will find that the majority of people ended up there by blindly messing with things they didn't understand, and not following the bold and red advice in the guides.

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    alot of horror stories over there about pimp my wii and mymenufy. as tealc stated it is ppl that brick their wiis. it can happen to ppl just following the softmod guide when they don't follow directions and do things out of order. i softmod wiis all the time and have used all kinds of guides and installed all kinds of things. so i guess it boils down to experience, if you don't think ahead of time about what you are going to install and make sure you have a way out (preloader, nand backup) you may end up with a bad problem. take it slow, no need to rush and read about exactly how they bricked, usually a mistake from the person instead of the guides.


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