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Thread: DVD error code 1053

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    DVD error code 1053

    Hi all, need some help please! I have recently purchased a new black limited edition wii, version 4.1e. I followed this guide to the letter, installed everything without any incident. However when I tried 3 games (all burned using nero onto DVD-R Verbatim DVD's from downloaded ISO file) all 3 failed to launch with neogamma. All 3 produced the error: DVD error code (1053). Now I thought it was the way I burnt the games, so I took them to my friends older wii and all 3 loaded and played perfectly with neogamma. With further investigation it seems I have a chipset GC2-D3-2 (v2) using this checker Wii Drive Chip Database . Now I believe this chip won't allow home burnt games to be loaded via DVD ?
    What is my next move? a usb loader and external hard drive install? if so do I need to remove my exsiting installation first, or is it simply a case of installing a few additonal files etc ?

    Any help would be most certainly appreciated guys

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    D3-2 won't play backups.

    No need to remove anything, just download the usb loader you desire and launch through HBC or wad.
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    No need to re-install everything. Just get a usbloader like usbloaderGX or you could even use neogamma7 in my signature. Just look over the loading from usb link in my sig to start off, and also there's a compatibility list link on there for your hard drive.

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    thanks for the prompt reply, which usb loader would you recommend? USB loaded GX ok ? so I just simply dl this loader onto SD card, put SD card into wii and away we go thought HB chan ? ty

    EDIT: sry "junkmailturds" your reply came through when I was typing this in response to "Tealc" ty for help, appreciated!
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    Redzep. What if you dont want to always use usb loader? What can be done
    to get the dvds to work?

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    Dvd backups cannot be played with the d2-3 chip


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