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Thread: new Wii, new-bi, and no boot.

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    new Wii, new-bi, and no boot.

    Hey all!
    I JUST bought a Wii last week, and decided to mod it. I have been all over the 360 and xbox modding scene for some time. This modding seems to be quite a bit more involved.
    I updated to the latest menu (4.2u) before I decided to mod. I still followed Messies guide here on getting it all loaded, and it seems to have worked, however I cant seem to get some backups working fully. I tried wii resort and Mario and sonic at the olympics, but both of them gave me a black screen with "wii has a problem, remove disk and shut of system" error message.
    Wario shake seems to work fine - albiet the opening video is choppy, but gameplay is fine.So do these games need to be patched? Am I missing something in Messies loader tutorial? I know my Wii is new (LU7xxx serial), but it does load the wario disc, so I dont think I have the drive that wont read.
    Also, is there a way to make these read on insert like a normal disc?
    Sorry for all the questions, this is just diffrent from what im used to on the 360.

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    Are you only trying to use dvds or are you planning to use a USB drive, you know booting games like the OLD XBOX.

    If only from DVD, try different media, I had my first wii i bought from dell in September and Had the newest dvd drive that gives you choppy audio from backups burnt to dvd-R media. I did use Memorex DVD-R and HP lightscribe media and both work like a charm. Now if you are getting errors, try changing the setting the loader you are using to auto fix error 002 I think help me.

    If you somehow decide to boot from USB external hard drive you might have better luck. That's how I have mine now. I used usb loader to boot Wii sports resort and back it up to the external hard drive, then I used Neogamma b7 to boot and got a blue screen screen, changed the fix error 002 and now play the game from usb, loads nice and the audio is perfect, no choppy audio.

    Let me know you need help!

    : )


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