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Thread: How to play backup copy of NSMB wii

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    How to play backup copy of NSMB wii

    Hello I'm having trouble trying to play my backup copy of NSMB wii . I downloaded a copy of NSMB wii , burned it to a memorex dvd-r disc @ 4x speed . Inserted into my wii clicked on neogamma r.7 ios249rev14 and the game code (ex: S68U3) showed and everything . but then a green screen came and reset my wii . I went on utube and saw a video , they said to install neogamma r8 ios249rev14 but that didn't work. i already installed ios 53 and still a green screen. I really need help . Do I need a scrubbed version of the game or did i forget a step . ( please tell me what i did wrong and send links if possible) Also if there are any other ios to download.A step by step guide would be nice, not to be pushy . U can IM on wiichat or respond. okay and thanks BYE !
    INFO - SOFTMODDED wii , ios 249 , neogamma r7 & r8 .
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