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Thread: Playing new Wii Games.

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    Playing new Wii Games.

    Thanks to everyone for their guidance and advice in advance. I paid a guy to modify my nintendo wii. He did the twilight hack and set up the homebrew channel. I was able to download many games and play them with no issues. I have not done it in a while so I am not sure why the newer games will now work. Since Punchout came out I have not been able to play the newer games since then. Please help me with advice on what to do. Since I will be doing this myself please be specific and very detailed. Do I need to update my homebrew channell or add anything to play the newer game. I really would like to play wii sports resort and newer games. Thanks so much

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    You need to install IOS38, 53, 55. I did the TP hack on my Wii a while ago and added those IOS's and all works. If you load from disc, then additional IOS's maybe required for some other games. I use a USB Loader and besides those 3 IOS's I also installed IOS222 for the guitar hero and rockband games. Some games require various methods to get working, so search the forums.

    IOS38, 53, 55
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