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Thread: D2PRO9 vs D2CKEY

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    D2PRO9 vs D2CKEY

    Which chip does every one think is better???

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    D2Pro. Newer and less wires to solder. The more i read about the wii-clips the more I think that I'm just going to solder it instead. Seems like the clips are a royal pain in the butt. Which makes sense. Just have to be confident that you can solder.

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    D2Pro and D2Ckey is basically same chip. This was provided by the team that made them. The different is D2pro has the flatcable door presoldered on it and may be few other inductors, resistors different. You will need the Jtag programer to update them both. The advantage of the D2Pro right now is the 9wire version which make it simplier for solderers, but there still 4 extra wires for region free but still alot less wires then D2CKey. D2Ckey is one of the first modchip for the D2C drive but it has been working SOLID since the day it born no updates was issued for it. If you want to go for classic solid D2CKey if you want newschool simple D2Pro.


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