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Thread: NEWB Help with BAND HERO

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    Question NEWB Help with BAND HERO

    If anyone can help me id GREATLY appreciate it!

    I just got band hero as an early xmas present

    I am running a softmodded 4.1

    with using NeoGamma R8 Beta 7, IOS249 (REV 14)

    with a North American bought disk of Band Hero

    I have all the instruments including the mic

    I cant get it to run though neo gamma (black screen freeze)
    is there anyone who can guide me through a step by step? I wish i was more mod savy as many of the folks here but im not...

    Do i just give up and return the game package? GAH!


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    Agree with the last post, use the guide, it worked out just fine for me.

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    so you gotta do the cioscorp to run it?

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    Thumbs up

    thanks a bunch, ill give it a try now

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    I am using USB loader GX (chip-4.2) and I can get Band Hero to play on 223 with
    all the band equipment. It does not work for Lego Rock Band (Mic only) and Rock Band
    1 & 2 (Mic only with picture kinda dark). When loading on 223 nothing happens. On 249
    games work with Mic only. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    dago1000 use the link above for Guitar hero, that should fix the issue. It did for me. Although, I read the whole thread and found one of the posts in there worked when the first post didnt.

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    Thumbs up Worked great!

    Store bought copy of Band Hero runs great, thanks for the help!

    1. IOS56-64-v5146.wad (works)

    2. Download and run multicios, and install IOS 37 as IOS 232.

    (couldnt install multicios with 4.1 setup, failed on step 15 of 15 BUT I didnt need it, just the step 1 wad and the softchip below

    3. Download and run SoftChip, make sure to use IOS 232 and make sure the 002 Fix is enabled.



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