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Thread: My Screen is Upside Down!

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    My Screen is Upside Down!

    I ran Pimp My Wii after following this guide.

    Before doing all this if you have never have install cios before or you are getting problems to install pimp my wii or any other thing then install cios 36 and cios 38.

    1.Download and Install bootmii on your wii and make a copy of your nand.
    If it says can be install then install it as Boot2 if not then install as ios.(Note you will need a Gamecube Controller to select things and options on this menu,If you don't have a gamecube controller then install this as ios and then you can acces bootmii from the homebrew channel and select things or options by pushing reset on your wii)
    2.Use Pimp my wii to install everything needed upgrade, trucha enabled ios and etc.
    - ios36 (Installation: yes, Trucha: yes , ES_Identify: yes, resto parches: no)
    - ios60 (Installation: yes, Trucha: yes , ES_Identify: no, resto parches: no)
    All other ios-(Installation: yes, resto parches: no)
    System Menu & Channels: yes
    Patch with trucha=IOS 21, 36 y 60.
    If you can Downgrade ios15 then downgrade.

    3.Install cios 38 rev 15.
    If installing from wad you need-
    You can install via internet,need wifi.

    4.Reinstall Dvdx2 from the hackmii installer.

    5.Download Fixed iso to run from loader-
    [Wii]New_Super_Mario_Brothers[NTSC][Fixed to work with disc on s (download torrent) - TPB[Wii]New_Super_Mario_Brothers[NTSC][Fixed_to_work_with_disc_on_s

    Or use the full iso which seems to work on some wiis-

    Burn the game(Fixed iso or full iso)burn it at 1x.
    Put the burned game in the wii.
    Run the update from game if it asks you,probably not(It will still be on 4.1)(Pal wii users you must use the pal fixed version game or you will get a brick)(here is the Pal Fixed version-
    New Super Mario Bros / Patched / Scrubbed Wii Pal (download torrent) - TPB

    Here is the Pal full iso-
    [Wii]New_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii[PAL][FullISO][] (download torrent) - TPB[Wii]New_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii[PAL][FullISO][]

    6. Try opening the game from the disc channel or neogamma r8

    7. Install the wiishop 4.2 channel.

    8. Reinstall the Bootmii channel as ios(this will help you on the future if you get bricks)

    Now my screen is upside down. Any suggestions?

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    Reinstall homebrew channel.
    Come to the Irc room to get help or just have fun

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    Surprising how often this is asked despite the fact it's so common and easy to fix.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Pimp my Wii is how noobs brick their Wii or so a man once said.

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    PimpMyWii = BRICK!!!!

    You gotta do the picture again Tealc, lol


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