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Thread: game genie with wii nes emulator

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    Us game genie with wii nes emulator

    how do i get the game genie to work with the nes emulator. i added the rom and when i go to enable the rom, it just says unable to locate rom. how do i get it to work?? thanks in advanced!!

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    did you put the rom in the rom folder on the sd card or are you using dvdr

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    I am trying to figure this out too, I put the game genie rom in multiple places, and the emulator still says it's not there. Is it because it's called game_genie.nes?

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    I put the game genie file on the sd card, in several places, it still says it cannot be found. Any other ideas? Thanks.

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    have you tryed putting them in the cheats folder

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    you can download cheat files from put them in your cheat folder
    i got the cheats up but they would not work

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    ive tried them everywhere except the cheat folder. is that were its suppose to go??

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    yes mate then when you start the game press the home button and go to cheats make sure the cheat folder is the same name as the game
    Donkey Kong Country.cht
    Donkey Kong Country.smc

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    just to be sure were on the same page. the game genie goes rom goes on the cheat folder right?? i went to cheatzilla and i see the codes but no option of dl anything

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    what is a smc file??

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