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Thread: How to start over?

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    How to start over?


    Hope ye can advise the best was for me to proceed. I have Twilight Hack on a 3.4E which has been running ok for year or more. In this time I updated the IOS's to play different new games e.g. Wii Sport Resort, USB microphone working etc when needed. I have eneded up with the inverted HBC, but do not mind this, however last week after a HBC update while updating apps my HBC froze and I had an empty HBC (Bubbles Only). The app folder was missing, which I then created a new one, on my SD card, and reinstalled some apps eg Neogamma V8B15. Now older games are working eg Mario Cart but newer games eg Sing It are not (getting read error 1049). My problem at this stage is I have lost track of where I am/what I need etc. So what is my best course of action - total restart and if so am daunted by this as the the guide runs to 500 post. Or is there an easier fix I can use.

    It would be super if some one could guide me in this as the kids are getting restless.

    Many thanks

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