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Thread: Hey guys first time poster quick question.

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    Hey guys first time poster quick question.

    I've been getting information from these boards for months now but i finally have a question i can't seem to find an answer to.
    I've modded my system and have been enjoying the homebrew channel for a while now. Well i just recently noticed when i put in a game that it wants me to update the system and also i can't go to the store without updating. What is my best course of action here? I've read tons of articles and tutorials but can't seem to find one that talks about updating an already modded system. If i update via the game will it take me all the way to 4.2? I'm failry certain that my system is 3.4 right now but i'll have to look to make sure when i get home.
    I don't care anything about going to 4.2 i just want to make sure that i can still pop in a game and play it from the dvd drive and not have to load it on my hard drive if i don't want to.

    I'd also like to redeem the money that they gave back for users that had already bought the web browser so i'd like to get the store working as well. I've seen some posts about that and i could probably figure that part out but thought i would ask while i was asking.

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    Welcome to WiiHacks,

    Take the time to read the RULES! of the site, you don't wanna be sent to the Reading Room, or worse, Banned because you broke a rule of the site

    Please take a look at this link for any answers to most of your questions/problems New Member Introductions [thanks ShadowSonic]

    BUT!!! Before asking a question please visitTHIS! thread..... [thanks FAVS]

    If your on the 3.1 - 4.1 System Menu then you may want to start HERE! [thanks Dogeggs]

    If your on the 4.2 System Menu, then THIS! is where you want to be. [Please note, DO NOT update to 4.2 if you arn't already] [thanks messie]

    Getting an error while trying to do something? The Answer is HERE! [thanks messie]

    Wanna know what all this cIOS/IOS talk is all about....Then check THIS! thread out. [thanks Cressida]

    Any other questions/answers that were not covered, then please ask them HERE! [thanks ModderMan for the awesome site]

    Please read, reAD, READ till your eyes bleed. Go over everything until your sure you can attempt these mods. You don't want a bricked Wii because of a step you might have missed.

    Have Fun! and Good Luck!!!!


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    Crap i was trying to make it over here before anyone saw, i found exactly what i was looking for a minute after i posted that.

    Ignore all of that this thread is a "hello" and "thanks a million" thread

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    Out of curiosity though when i put in tiger woods 2010 it wants me to update. What version will that take me to?

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    System Menu 3.4

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    OH so i can just do that and it will update to 3.4 and keep my HBC? I dont care about the new SDHC and 4.0 just want that maditory update to go away.


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