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Thread: Nintendo Wii Black Edition + latest drivekey version

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    Nintendo Wii Black Edition + latest drivekey version

    I understand that the latest drivekey version (supporting BCA hardcoded; supports NSMB) will probably not work with the new black wii edition.
    my problem is, I just discovered this fact today and the wii is being delivered tomorrow

    Now I was thinking about my options. There is the option to change the board on your drive which requires you to use a soldering iron.

    But what about changing the whole dvd drive with some older drive? that seems to be much easier and my friend wouldnt mind giving me his older drive and replace it with mine.
    but would that work?

    are there any black editions which DO work with the latest drivekey? also, how long can it take until a new black edition approved drivekey version is being released?


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    I'm in a similar predicament although I'm yet to purchase the device. I've also heard about desoldering the drive board, replacing with a third party boart and getting the mod. Wonder if there is a simplar soloution

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    I am almost sure that you can swap out the entire drive. It would be the easiest thing to do for sure. As of right now, there is no signs of any chip working with the newest Wii's. The only other solutions right now are to get a WODE, which wouldn't work with discs either. Or the Sundriver that only runs off of a hardrive and replaces the DVD drive that is in the Wii. I think the WODE is the better option, but is more expensive than the Sundriver.
    The WODE will still be able to play original games in a disc form but not "backups".
    Spyman at Canadamods has both options at a decent price.

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    i spoke to a shop today and they are offering me to swap the pcb of my drive for 20 when ordering it together with a wiikey fusion chip. So I will just go with that option.

    I had a look at several online shops and most of them are now offering to swap the pcb of your drive for little money. Thats possibly the best option you have with the latest wiis. You could also just get a wiikey fusion and play your games from an SD card, but I still like to have the option to play my backup copies.


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