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Thread: BOOTMII wont install Failed (-1) Help

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    Unhappy BOOTMII wont install Failed (-1) Help

    when i got to install bootmii via hackmii v0.6 following the guide on here to hack the wii v 4.2 it istalles hbc and dvdx but will not install bootmii and as a ios and it tels me that it carnt be instaled as a boot2 thanks for your help in advance Chappell

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    Some people are not able to install as boot2. Depends on your wii. Could you install as an ios? (Didn't understand that part.) Also the error index in my sig will help you out for all your modding errors.

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    i am trying to instal as a ios as the instaler tells me that i carnt istall as boot2 but stil get the error i have tried shared2clean but still having no sucess thanks

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    SD/USB Loader Error Hardware not recognized. Most likely have a cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing. Possibly formatted the SD card or USB incorrectly, is unsupported, or not enough space.
    Q. I have formatted the device correctly and have cIOS 36 rev 8+ but I am still getting this error; how would i fix this?
    A. Be sure to have the device hooked up to the Wii before you power it on. You may lack USB support as well. Installing cIOS38rev14 would clear this up.
    Wad Install Error Most likely have a cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing. If a file was needed, then it was not in the correct folder. If you are using cios38rev14 installer, put ios38-64-3610.wad file in the root of the SD card. Each programm needs its files in specific folders, so pay attention to that. Can also be a bad wad or not enough space on the Wii. Possibly formatted the SD card incorrectly.

    is this from bootmii because i am getting the error code froom that thanks

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    Are you following the 4.2 guide in my signature by messie? Did you format your sd correctly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chappell16 View Post
    Help Please
    Reinstall cIOS38rev14.
    when installing cIOS38 rev14, then try putting ios38-64-3610.wad on the root of your SD card.

    Are you using a Sandisk 2GB standard card.
    Backup card, reformat, try this tool. sdfv2003.exe

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