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    ok, first, this is my first post here at wiihacks and i would like to say hello to everybody.

    so i was wondering. "any title deleter" shows you the list of all installed ioss. if ios249 is not there does that mean i was succesful in deleting it?

    i've tried many guides on downgrading and was always stopped by the stupid ret -1017 error.

    so back to the question, if it's not there then i can simply skip that part in the tutorials right?

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    if you can install a cios then it has been sucessfully removed from your wii if it is still there then your wii will crash and you will know it is still there Chappell

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    thanks man

    i proceeded with the downgrade and it worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ok just click on the thank button thanks chappell

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    will do, thanks again.
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