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Thread: Mplayer Freezzes

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    Mplayer Freezzes

    okay so i tryed normal and ios 36,ios 70, and ios 249 of dvdx and mplayer still frezzes i'm on 4.2u
    also if u have or know a better app that works tell me

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    Just use the app version instead. Make sure you get the latest version of mplayer ce which is v0.76. Also I believe that mplayer ce can not play dvd-r movies. It has to be the original movie.
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    MyMPlayer CE played fine, but freezes up when pressed Wii menu

    MyMPlayer CE played fine, but freezes up when pressed Wii menu. It doesn't look like I can get out of Mplayer once get into it unless I do a hard re-start.

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    Don't use 0.76 go for 0.75 the new one is freezing for a few people (as per another thread if you had used search for mplayer CE)

    I went back to 0.75 yesterday and it has been working perfect again.

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