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Thread: Using Wad channels on SD card?

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    Using Wad channels on SD card?

    Hello there.
    Just found out that the wii memory is crap. *Tut
    now a new feature of 4.0 is to be able to play Channels from the SD card, but...
    with my softmodded wii, i don't know why but when i load my SD card from the menu, my wii crashes (kernel panic). i believe it's down to the content on my sd card.
    now on you tube this bloke booted homebrew channel from his actual SD card!, all i want to know is how to do that.

    TA from any and all information!

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    Not sure if it would be a space issue on your Wii but the Wii acctually copies the WADs to your NAND. They aren't really running off the SD card, just installing then uninstalling.

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