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Thread: 4.2u Downgrade In Da Future?

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    4.2u Downgrade In Da Future?

    I feel so bummed out on how I accidently updated to 4.2 beside 4.1, everything is working for me just fine but just wondering, will there be a downgrader for 4.2? I'm pretty sure eventually there will be, but I've heard some people say it isn't possible.

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    anything is possible, if there is a need for something, someone will try and find an answer.

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    It's going to be hard to devise a downgrader from the new update, since the new update does so much to your system. Such as change your beautiful boot2 to boot2v4 [no more BootMii as boot 2] as well as mess with that tricky little stub IOS249. They might come out with one eventually, but not for a while yet.


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