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Thread: Anyone have personal recommendations for hard drives?

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    Question Anyone have personal recommendations for hard drives?

    Hi everyone.

    I am currently using a 160gb Western Digital Passport drive for my Wii backups and roms. The drive is formatted as FAT32 (for those that are unaware, USB Loader GX can play off of a fat32 drive if the games are in .wbfs form, in a /wbfs subdirectory).

    FCEUGX, SNES9X, USB Loader GX, and Triiforce all run well. However, the disk is unreadable by Genesis Plus, as well as in the Homebrew Channel (press 1 to change where HBC looks for apps). Most people have come to the conclusion that Genesis Plus and HBC are being compiled using older libs that may not support this drive.

    So I'm wondering, does anyone else have a 2.5" hard drive they can recommend for use when formatted completely as FAT32? I was thinking about this drive:

    Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive - TS320GSJ25M -

    not necessarily because I need that much storage, but because 320gb are about the best bang4buck.

    But if anyone else has drives that they can confirm work with USB Loader AND all of the above stated emulators, thats be very appreciated.

    Please don't just link me to the Compatibility chart. Mine reads 100% working, when obviously this is not totally accurate.


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    personally I prefer the seagate portables never had any issues yet...

    It comes down to what is compatible and what you can afford. I personally stayed away from ones that had an external power and switch. I like being powered from the Wii directly.

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    Simpletech 500Gb

    I am using the Simpletech 500GB 2.5 inch external harddisk. The harddisk itself is a Hitachi disk. I split the hard disk into two partitions with a PC. The first one is formated by WBFS for game storage and the 2nd One is to NTSF for video storage. It worked really well.

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    Go to the USB compatibility list, people have actually tested different External Hard drives for us to know which are good. Search it up.

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    I've had a lot of luck with Western Digital Passport drives. I stand by WD Passports to the end. And yes there is a compatibility guide, there is a link right in my sig for it.

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    Do not get a Seagate FreeAgent Desk (any size GB), you will regret buying one of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0ur View Post
    I've had a lot of luck with Western Digital Passport drives. I stand by WD Passports to the end. And yes there is a compatibility guide, there is a link right in my sig for it.
    Agreed, it's the only drive I recommend to anyone that asks. Really no reason to go with anything else, when this is small, sleek, usb powered on/off with wii and 100% compatible.
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    Western Digital MyPassport Essential 320gb

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    I have a 1tb seagate which I'm very happy with, its powered, works great with the wii and pc, was reasonably priced and is a reputable brand.


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