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Thread: Another bricked Wii problem from someone inexperienced with all of this!

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    Another bricked Wii problem from someone inexperienced with all of this!

    Hello there, everyone.

    I bought my Wii almost one year ago (at least it will be on Christmas day). Since then, I haven't made much use of it. I played a few games for a bit and then continued PC gaming as I normally would, but that's not what I'm trying to imply here.

    You see, my father ordered this thing from a guy in China; without my knowledge. He knows I probably could have (and I already have) figured out the do's and don'ts of buying from a guy in China he's never heard of, but I guess it's what comes from the heart, is it not?

    Anyway, I recently was trying to set my wii into a wireless modem seeing as it was struck by lightning and I just got around to fixing the hardware problems inside of it. Of course I didn't think about it until now, but I have no idea if there were any hack chips installed or anything else other than homebrew channel installed beforehand without my knowledge.

    So I update the stupid thing, seeing as it wouldn't stop bothering me until I did. Sure, I saw no harm in it. Routine maintenance is a common thing on PC, so why shouldn't be a common thing on consoles. Little did I know, that installed a seemingly harmless update (to v4.2) would completely make my console collapse inside of itself.

    So here's my deal. I have no SD card, I have no knowledge of hack chips, programs or even how to get to this feigned preloader screen I hear so much about, so I'm absolutely confused. I have no will to spend more time on this than I have to; I've already got a ton of other projects ahead of me, and this is just becoming a nuisance.

    When I try this preloader thing, it still just gives me the "Error bull that I'm tired of seeing. I've tried all these common solutions that only a search engine can provide from such simple questions, but to no avail, and now my parents are going to be pissed because now my little brother can't play brawl because his big brother was too busy fiddling with the innards of his console to care about what he does with it.

    So I ask you, community of Wii hackers: Is there anyway a imbecile like myself can somehow unbrick this little plastic Error machine, or will I have to invest in a new wii that isn't being sold by Chang?

    Oh, and it'd be nice to know if a Wii can be used as a wireless reciever, and if a thumb drive can be used as well as an SD card. And quite honestly I'm only one step away from taking the damn thing apart and magentizing the hard drive to restore defaults to it.

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    I'm afraid that updating a Korean Wii modified to USA firmware bricks to the 003 error you are seeing.

    We don't have a working solution at present but we do have a thread that is kind of a work in progress.
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    Well, that's no good. I tried magnetizing the HD to perhaps reset it to it's original settings, but apparently, this update embedded itself into it. So that wasn't a solution.

    I'll be sure to frequently check that thread. I really can't afford a non-hacked wii right now.


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