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Thread: want to undo booting directly to coverflow!

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    Unhappy want to undo booting directly to coverflow!

    So, a while ago I decided to hack my wii. It was fun and easy!

    I had an external usb drive which I ripped my games onto, and I couldn't really figure out an easy way at the time to set up channels on the regular wii menu to click on to boot them, so I decided the next best thing was to just make my wii boot directly into the usbloader coverflow app (I can't exactly remember, but I guess I set that up in preloader?)!

    Well, that works, but now I can't do anything else but play the games on my hard drive, doi! (No access to system settings, internet channel, wiiware, etc..).

    So, that was pretty dumb!

    Can anybody think of how I could undo this and get back to the actual wii system menu? Every time I boot/reboot or even just quit out of coverflow, it just starts it right back up again without me being able to interrupt it or do anything else! dohhhhh.

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    Hold reset when you power on to load into Preloader. Navigate to 'Settings'. Make these changes: 'autoboot=system menu' , 'return to=system menu'.

    That should get you rockin' back to your channels again.

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