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Thread: Is & the same?

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    Question Is & the same?

    This may be stupid. But, Is & the same?

    Are they the same store?

    I pre-ordered a WODE from and sent and email to them and it said that "Your enquiry has been successfully sent to the".

    I just want to know.

    And I hope is a reliable place, because I paid already for the pre-order. Fingers crossed.
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    Thumbs up is as trusted as they come..with real live support

    the 2 sites you posted about are associated as with many other sites as well..

    rest assured that your purchased is as solid as they come & backs it up...hehe

    main difference between the 2 sites is that takes Paypal andwill be more geared to many other avenues of modding ...accessories and such

    where as is what it is strictly hacking stuff and does not take paypal.

    they are all owned by toptechconsultants which parents company hase been in business for over 25 years.... so yes..nw

    we, I, stands behind both these companies never a worry...

    hope that this has cleared some confusion

    cheers Modderman
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    answer given, thread locked


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