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    Unhappy USB loader

    Hello, I was able to successfully mod my Wii using Larry's guide. However, I am a bit confused. I will like to play my games from a usb drive. I have Neogamma r7 installed as per Larry's instructions. My question is do I need USB GX Loader, or will Neogamma do the same thing? or do I need both?

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    Who's Larry? If you're referring to a guide from another site, you should probably ask about it there.

    Either way, check out the links in my signature below for modding your Wii. Follow whichever of the first two has your firmware and, once you're finished, check out the third to answer any other questions about usb loading.
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    You can play games from USb drive Or DVD drive with Neogamma r7, USB GX Loader is not required if u want to play with Neogamma. You can install both if u want. USB loader have many more features then Neogamma.


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