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Thread: Priiloader 0.2 question

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    Priiloader 0.2 question

    ive just recently updated my priiloader but now when i turn on my wii system it automatically loads the priiloader screen. ive changed the settings to auto boot the system menu and power off to off and save settings but yet the problem persists any help with this?

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    yeah i had the same problem with priiloader v0.2, i liked the way priiloader v0.2 resetted to wii menu instead of going to warning screen after reset. well i couldnt find anyway round this issue of priiloader 0.2 loading up everytime i switched on wii. so i just installed the priiloader v0.1 which doesnt boot up everytime i switch my wii on so ill stick to that for now unless if there a way of resolving that issue. please if you find a way to resolve please do let us know.

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    it is a bug in rev 30 (which is the same as Priiloader v0.2b), it has been fixed in later revisions, there are links to download the latest rev32 unofficial build here

    Priiloader Shortcut Channel! -

    by unofficial, i mean someone took the official source code and compiled a binary. This is the version (rev32) that Daco himself is using right now (Daco is one of the minds behind priiloader)


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