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Thread: did i buy the wrong drivekey version

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    did i buy the wrong drivekey version

    i ordered the drivekey a few days ago. i should get it any day now. the question i have is i think it is the not the right one i should be getting. i am a newbie to the wii, did some googling about modding, and found that the drivekey was the best chip. it then directed me to a retailer which advertised it for a good price. it also said it was the new X4 diode which would work on all games. so i figured i was getting the updated version. i proceeded to order it. but now i read that the X4 is not the corrected one, that a 0 ohm resistor one is. i am kinda confused as to what i should do. should i return it if it is indeed the X4 diode and how can i tell. thanks for any help anyone could provide.

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    +1 my shop is advertising the x4 drivekey as the latest version as well. not quite sure if that is already the updated NSMB version

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    why dont you guys just go to the drivekey site and look, all is explained there.

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    wii chip

    you should be looking for the drivekey that saids it supports the nsmb game

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    you do realise that this question arose during a time when it was not 100% clear if all the shops were already shipping the updated version or not. Officially, the drivekey manufacturer said they would start shipping their new version end of november. now of course, everywhere is stated that they are selling the updated version.

    close the thread.

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    I also bought a DriveKey after they updated it. It has a 0 diode next to the led's. At least i think its a diode or a resistor. But i cannot play nsmb. How do i know its the new one? I read something about a yellow sticker being on it. Where should that sticker be? Can someone help me?



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