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Thread: So i've finally bought a Wii

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    So i've finally bought a Wii

    Hi Guys,

    After months of thinking whether to buy a Wii I have finally bought one. So i've bought a brand new Black Nintendo Wii.

    Im hoping to "hack" this console asap too. However im a complete noob when it comes to hacking a Wii. I have managed to hack my PSP and got everything working on that perfectly. Please could you help me in getting the Wii also hacked. So I have a few questions for you if you can help.

    1.) In Nintendo Wii terms please can you tell me what actually hacking a Wii will give me the benefits of? When hacking my PSP it lets me install Homebrews, Custom Themes, Play my PS1 games on it and also run .iso's. Is this the same case in the Wii?

    2.) Is hacking a Wii really simple to do? If so then please can you give me some links to help me getting started?

    3) Can any Wii be hacked?

    4) Any more information on what it gives me the benefits of would be great.



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    the answer is yes to your questions. same applies for Wii as does to your PSP all that stuff can be installed and utilized on the Wii

    Look for the links on sofmodding your Wii in my signature

    Your new Wii my not be able to play DVD-r's but you will be able to utilize a USB HDD no more disc swapping just mass storage and gameage.

    Welcome to Wii hacks.

    I am sure a Moderator will be along shortly for formal welcome.


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