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Thread: Noob question about USB loader

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    Noob question about USB loader

    I'm kind of a noob here but I already softmodded my wii and I can play backup game through NeoGamma. Anyway the question was, If I install the required stuff to use usb loader can I just use an 8gb pendrive (USB drive) to load ISOs or do I need a HDD? If I can use a Pendrive, any sugestions which one to get? Thanks, sorry if my question was too noobish

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    You can use any compatible USB device USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    But bigger is better. Get a Hard drive, you know it makes sense.
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    Yes you can, you can also use it with neogamma.

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    LOL Yeah but sadly at the moment I really can't afford a decent HDD
    Thanks for the link!

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    Not sure where abouts in the world you are but here in the UK you can get a 320gb Western Digital HDD for a max of 50, bargain, ask Santa for one..........

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    You'll probably want at least 8GB in size, I have a Sandisc cruzer micro 8GB and it works fine.


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