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Thread: Error -2811 when installing CIOS249

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    Error -2811 when installing CIOS249

    I'm trying to mod my new Wii (black version) with system version 4.2E.

    Homebrew installation was a piece of cake.

    Deleting IOS249 not at first (with IOS36). But with IOS250 i managed to uninstall IOS249.

    Now I receive an error installing CIOS249. It downloads perfectly (when using network install). But get the following error:
    >> INSTALL ERROR (ret=-2811)

    It fisnishes with OK, but I have no IOS anymore.

    SD-cards that before booted, now now longer boot (failed to load boot.dol)

    I need help.

    Thnx for helping.


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    Sure it wasn't error 2011? Check out the error index in my signature. Pretty sure it was -2011

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    I guess you are right about the error code. I do not have an LCD panel as a TV but an old fashioned tube. It's sometimes hard to read.
    I'm downloading the files in the tutorial for error 2011.
    Thanx so far. I will let you know if it worked.
    Here in the Netherlands it is now 22:45. I don't know if I will do this today...


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    Hello Junkmailturds,

    It worked! Thanks a lot. I can play games from my external HDD now.



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    Ten gold stars Fred. haha.


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