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Thread: Brand New Wii. Unable to install Bootmii.

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    Brand New Wii. Unable to install Bootmii.

    I want to first say I have a brand new Wii. The firmware is 3.4u. I got excited thinking that I got off easy with old firmware. I have downloaded the twilight hack and got to work. I was able to install HBC and DVDX. I am not able to install bootmii becuase boot 1 will not allow me to install. I was told to try installing via the HBC. Well that isn't an option. So it looks like Nintendo has fixed the newer systems. I skipped the bootmii step on my guide and kept going. I tried to install the cIOS. Thsi is a no go also. I am guessing I need a specific cIOS. My serial number starts with a U66.

    First questions, do I have to have bootmii to play backed up games? Am I even close on the cIOS? Is there cIOS version will work?

    If there is no solution I figure I will just hang out here until someone finds away to hack it.

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    Bootmii isn't needed to play backups but its a brick protection that allows you to make a copy of your wii's memory. Your wii cannot install bootmii as boot2 since it does not have a vulnerable boot1. Only wiis bought before September 2008 have a vulnerable boot1.

    Twilight hack is outdated, use this tutorial to successfully softmod your wii:


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