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Thread: Updating a twillight hack

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    Updating a twillight hack


    I am a noob although I have made the hack through zelda a while ago. I have 3.3E software on my wii, the backup launcher 0.3 gamma and cIOS is the same by WiiGator.

    My question is do I need to update and if yes what and how I have tried reading threads but I can't seem to find any about updating... My troubles started when I wanted to play Wii sports resort and here they talk about neogamma that is why I think I have to update.

    Thanks in advance

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    just update to cios38 rev14, get rid of the wiigator crap get neogamma r7, then to boot wsr you will have to go to options and boot alt dol watch the video the turn alt dol back to none then it should work....

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    Thanks but as being a noob I can't seem to figure out how...

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    I am in the same situation, have done twilight-hack a while ago, now can't play certain games and it seems like I need to update the hack to use newer stuff. I have tried reading the following thread:

    What I am not clear on it whether I need to undo some of the previous stuff before jumping on these instructions, or can I just go ahead on top of the previous hacked stuff.

    Any help / tips appreciated.

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    You dont need to upgrade your firmware to run games. As long as you have neogamma backup launcher, atleast cios38 rev14, and the newer ios (38,53,55, and 56) installed, the games will load. There are a couple of games though that need special treatment on how they are loaded, but its nothing difficult.
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