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Thread: hard modded keeps freezing w/black screen

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    Unhappy hard modded keeps freezing w/black screen

    when I put the burned game disc in it shows up and you are able to click start but then the screen goes black and the wii freezes and i have to pull the power to restart it. Some games have worked but many haven't. I am using brickblocker to get past the update and that worked but now the freezing is happening. Please help, thank you.

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    welcome to wiihacks, black screen startup's usually indicate missing ios....

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    thanks. so i need to re download it from somewhere else?

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    nope all in house..... dogeggs sig/mediafire is a good place for EVERYTHING......

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    Is your wii even softmodded? If not, then you can just do a DISC update. not an online one. Make sure the game is not scrubbed though. Doing a blank update can brick your wii. Someone learned it the hard way.
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    what is dogeggs sig/mediafire? Nevermind found the forum. thanks again.
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