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Thread: make channels point to apps on sd card?

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    Question make channels point to apps on sd card?

    well this has been a weekend of many "firsts" for me, here in the wii hacking scene.

    here's what im wondering now.. i have seen videos and tuts on how to make customized wii channels. seems pretty cool. is it possible to make a wii channel "point" to an app/emulator/game that is stored and runs from a memory card? if so, how?


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    Yes it possible and there are examples of them already in existence. They are called forwarder channels.

    You can create your own but beware of banner bricks as a result of malformed banners. Make sure you have preloader installed.
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    thanks for the tips. i just installed preloader 0.29. seems to have worked fine. my wii boots to it.
    so now i will figure out this forwarder channel thing (hopefully). ive seen youtube vids where people had channels for emulators and homebrew apps and games. i like the way that looks. id like to be able to just click on a channel and launch the app from the sd card that way.

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