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Thread: nyko wii charge station problem

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    Question nyko wii charge station problem

    Has anyone else bought one of these pieces of junk..?

    The problem is when you go to recharge your battery in the station the blue light appears then the green comes on like 10 seconds later stating the battery is charged...Well BS it is .94v on the voltmeter. I bought this setup for my son like 2 years ago & within the 1st week it "crapped out" so I just chalked it up as junk..But now he's been going thru batteries like mad between him & his friends comin over to

    Anyway I'm tryin to cure the problem with this thing googled all over but still cant seem to find a answer..

    Could anyone lend a hand..?


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    You can try rechargeable batteries. Thats what I have with my wiimotes temporarily. or just get this one Intec Wii, Dual Charge Station & Turbo Cooler
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    I'm using rechargeable batteries from a cheapo shop, they are only 800mA but last for a few days. I bought some crappy 2000mA battery packs and charger dock and the batteries would last 5 minutes, so I swapped the batteries for my cheap ones and it is fine now and can be charged on the dock.
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    I personally prefer brand name bateries to the el cheapo ones due to the quality and the less chance of battery acid leeking.


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