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Thread: Bought a bricked one :(

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    Bought a bricked one :(

    Ok ppl, this is my story. I'm from argentina, and i went on vacations to brazil. On the way back we spend 1 day on paraguay's border. There's a city there where you can buy electronics at a very cheap price (imported directly from china and stuff). The thing is, we bought some stuff (ps2, camera, blabla) and a wii. This wii, came without the original laser, so no dvd can be read, and the menu is broken: I can't enter the setup, i can't enter the mii channel and when i try any app with network, it freezes... It even isn't american nor japanese wii, i think is a corean one. i thought it was useless until a friend told me about the softmods and stuff, so he installed me the hbc, the backuploader and the usb loader gx (i have cIOS 249 rev 10)

    Anyway, i decided to read a little about the wii and i found this amazing page, but there's a loooooot of discussions here, and i still don't know what is wrong with my wii. I believe is bricked (coz it freezes at setup), but the first dude i sent my wii told me even the laser wasn't the original, so it might have some hard issues.

    Right now i can play games, and i have an external usb HD with lot's of games, but i'm thinking...

    From your expertize, what can be wrong and can it be solved?


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    What happens when you enter the wii settings?
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    I have read all over the place including on here that softmodding a Korean wii and changing its region to NTSC causes tons of problems. Thats really all I had to say. I wouldnt have bought it to begin with.
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    It sounds like a semi-brick. Recovering a semi-brick is quite straightforward and simply involves installing a IOS.wad and System Menu.wad for your chosen System Menu revision and region. 4.1U is a good revision. You will need Wad manager to do this.

    Do not update this Wii, ever, to 4.2 or it will brick totally ok.
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    "What happens when you enter the wii settings?" --> I enter the wii button, choose "Wii settings", white screen appear, and 3 black dots appear on the upper left corner and it get stuck there.. only white screen and 3 black dots.

    "I wouldnt have bought it to begin with" --> newbie mistake, salesman told me it was the american one and it came already chipped. they con me

    "...4.1U is a good revision..."--> So if i search for a tuto to install 4.1, the wii might get unbricked?
    should i:
    - install everything to make a NAND backup
    - format the wii
    - Install 4.1u?

    or just install 4.1u?

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