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Thread: News Channel Error: news000006

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    News Channel Error: news000006

    sorry this isnt a faq or anything but it can be if i get some help.. i couldnt seem to find this error anywhere here yet.. Any ideas how to fix this?
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    To fix the News Channel Error: news000006

    Tweak 1:
    1. Change your Country
    2. Accept License
    3. Power off (Red)
    4. Power on
    5. Change back to real Country
    6. Accept License
    7. Make sure Standby is On
    8. Setup News and Weather

    Tweak 2: (More successful this one.)
    1. Turn on Wii.
    2. Back up your game saves to SD card.
    3. Turn off Wiiconnect24 in your settings.
    4. Turn off Wii. Unplug Wii.
    5. Plug in Wii and turn on system.
    6. Make sure Wiiconnect24 is still off and format Wii memory.
    7. setup all your settings.
    8. Turn on Wiiconnect24 and check to make sure your news channel and forecast channel will again update and run as normal. Don?t forget you will have to set up your internet connection and time and date settings again.
    9. Turn off Wii. DO NOT UNPLUG.
    10. That should get the updating back to normal.
    11. If upon first insert of a disc, you get a read error. Unplug and plug back in the system. Everything should then be fine.
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    Thank You...option 2 worked...a bit of a pain to reconfigure everything but it's all back to normal!

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    tweak 2 worked 4 me 2, tnx

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    Thumbs up Did work for me too

    Tweak 2 worked fine for me. It also fixed a problem a had with my hardmoded Wii with wiikey2, I couldn't launch back up NGC games. But now, I have to check up to see in what conditions my wii is now.


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    Formating Wii memory will mess with MAUIfrog softmod or any?


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