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Thread: Can't get ULoader to work

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    Can't get ULoader to work

    So I've downloaded Uloader 3.2 (which seems to be the newest edition) and I've installed the cIOS 249 that it required but it still comes up with an error when I load Uloader that i need cIOS222. When I go to install cIOS222 with either the cIOS installer that comes with uLoader or the other cIOS installer, the installer just freezes and I thus cannot install that cIOS for some reason. I've also tried to install cIOS 223 (because the readme claimed that was the alternate for uLoader) and the same thing happened: can't install that cIOS it seems.

    I have system menu 4.2(u i believe) so I don't know if that's the problem or not.

    If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or what I can do, let me know! thanks

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    Actually nevermind, I just got it to works. Thanks anyway

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    Hi sorry to be a pain but could you post how you fixed this problem so other people (i.e myself) can figure out what is going wrong



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