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Thread: Soft mod help...

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    Soft mod help...

    Hey guys befor i do anything i allways get avise from here alot of real awsome guys.Ok i have ver 3.3u and the ariginal twilight hack i also have bootmii install every game i ever burn always worked untill now i burn the new mario like 5 times thinking i was doing something wrong i keep getting a error blue screen but only with the new games like that one.I dont have my wii hooked up online and i was going to do updates but have read it may screw up the twilight hack so i need to know what all i need to do exaculy what i should update and install .JUst hate to make a missake its been a long ass time since i hacked my wii so i thought i best ask someone b4 i mess sit up lol thanks guys..

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    CiOS38 rev 14 is always good to have along with latest neogamma also make sure you got ios 36,53,55,56
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    ok thanks ill find them all here not to sure what all it is but ok will look it up as i siad since i first modded it i kinda set it to the side my kids play it alot i just burn them loads of game my system is the 360 and im a pro with its modding and tweeking lol but the wii well ill have to get refreshed but thanks alot any other comments please let me know and thanks guys....


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