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Thread: Down Grade wii?

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    Down Grade wii?

    Okay so DOP IOS MOD has a opotion to change system menu should i do it? i want to go from 4.2 to 4.0

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    That's an excellent way to brick your Wii. Be careful with DOP-IOS ok.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiibrew
    Be careful when you are going to 'dop' the IOS that your System Menu uses. A power cut during installation can brick your Wii.
    DOP-IOS is not the app I'd used to change System Menu though, that would be Wad manager, install System IOS followed by System Menu wad for your region, or use AnyRegionChanger.

    Downgrading from 4.2 is very dangerous and has caused loads of bricks, that said some have succeeded. If you do not have bootmii/boot2 consider against this course of action, it could be expensive for you.
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