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Thread: cISOCORP 3.5 and GH5

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    cISOCORP 3.5 and GH5

    My wii was updated to 4.2U last night. I followed all the new tutorials to hack it again, worked great. I don't have a USB drive so I decide I would try cIOSCORP for the first time to finally get GH5 working. Everything went off without a hitch (thanks to the great tutorials here). GH5 loaded.

    Now the problem is it starts up, starts auto saving then just loads what appears to be the "Roadie Battle" where song after song just plays. During these songs every key on the guitar works flawlessly (I actually bought the GH5 guitar from a friend for $25). However I cannot go into any settings or options for the game. I can pause it but on that screen where I can quit the roadie battle and actually go in and create a player and start some form of campaign the keys simply don't function on these screens.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Anyone have any ideas, I'm comfortable trying any suggestions?

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    So everyone else using GH5 with cIOSCORP 3.5 is running great?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jax View Post
    See if this help's!

    hit the thanks if i helped!

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    Unfortunetly not, the only part that may have been helpful would have been the "SoftMii or Preloader v0.29 with Cioscorp v3.3 Guide" but that link is no longer valid. Hopefully more people are using 3.5 and play GH.


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