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Thread: I have a Mac...What r my options

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    I have a Mac...What r my options

    outside of running parallels......for burning/brickblocking ect...

    any help would be appreciated

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    after some consideration Ive decide to accually run parallels 3.0 to brickblock my backups ect.......has anyone else tried this ....any luck.....i wont know if it works first hand untill i acually mod my wii any try it....

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    Hi I use Macs Too. No PC in this houe but im not starting a flame war here everyone has a choice

    in any case I have a modded D2C with a wiiKey installed.
    I use sdvdv 0.1g to dump the images in sections (3 parts).
    recombine them using Split n concat or Jigsaw.
    before combining them you will need to rename them from .00x to .iso.00x ( I mad e a simple automator Script to do this)
    use WiiJunkies here to check/patch/unbrick your images.

    You can then use disk utility or Toast Titanium to burn the images onto good quality media (I am using LG dvd-r) at a slow speed (I would recommend a max speed of 8x 4x is better 2x is better still).

    and away you go

    Hope this helps



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