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Thread: What do I do with all of the .rar files whenever I try to download a Wii ISO?

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    What do I do with all of the .rar files whenever I try to download a Wii ISO?

    I download CoD:MWR and there were a whole bunch or .rar files and like 11 other kinds of files. I'm not sure what I was supposed to do, but at the bottom of the folder there a was .rar file so I extracted that and it gave me a 4GB ISO file... I'm assuming I did what I was supposed to do, and right now I'm burning it to a disc. Usually I download the single ISO file, so I was a bit confused. Am I doing this right?

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    If you get the iso then all must be good.

    Some isos are packaged in multiple rar files like this to ease uploading and downloading to things like newsgroups and also to hosting.
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    The sites that have the multipull file downloads are iso's that have been scrubbed to make downloading quicker. When you go and extract 1 of those files using winrar, it will link all those downloads together into 1 iso file. That file can then be burned.

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    Ooh alright.. Thank you guys


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