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Thread: Black Wii USB Loader Problem!!

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    Exclamation Black Wii USB Loader Problem!!

    I am have recently got my Black Nintendo Wii softmod chipped, knowing that the only way i can play backed up games on it using a external harddrive. I have the ISO files for 'new super mario bros' and 'call of duty' and I managed to put them onto my harddrive using the WBFS Manager 3.0 and i could see the two games in the Wii USB Loader.

    However my problem is this: When I select a game to play in Wii USB Loader, the screen goes black for a second and a error message comes (#002) telling me to eject the disk and restart my console.

    I do not have a clue on how to resolve this problem, I have checked a couple of links but couldnt see how to solve it. I will be happy if someone can help me out.

    Thanks from now!


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    No need to get smart about it.. I have already tried that and my problem is that i am not good with all this and i do not want to damage my console.. So im makin sure that the steps im taking are the correct ones..

    I mean i read '' topic.. and im confused as hell because i do not know what WAD is and how to use it..

    So if you have a proper help, I would like to hear it.. If you have any smart things to say.. dont even bother..

    Thank you for your time..

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    WAD is what's used to install things. Think of it as setup.exe in computer terms. You launch wads through wadmanager in homebrew. Depending on your loader you might have to turn on the 002 fix option, neogamma7 in my signature has a built in 002 fix, and usbloaderGX has an option to turn it on. All the 002 fixes in the world won't help you with NSMB though. Check out the guide by davepm on this game. It has a new bca check protection.

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